A full service machine and manufacturing company dedicated to the metal finishing industry is proud to offer danglers of all sizes and designs to outfit the plating barrels of all manufacturers.Common sizes are sold from stock of the highest grade material as well as custom designs that are made to the specific need of each electroplating facility.We at Danglers Inc. are dedicated to the principle of producing quality products using the finest grade of materials and state of the art assembly to ensure consistent product. Most orders are shipped within one to two days, using on-time delivery to help keep our customer’s production systems on-line at all times.Danglers Inc. is dedicated to serving the manufacturing community. Please feel free to use our extensive knowledge in the metal finishing industry whether it pertains to our product or not.Our danglers are American made using the highest tolerance, highest grade of material, and state of the art machine tooling. 

Danglers Inc.

 1/0 Stainless Steel Head
4/0 Stainless Steel Head
4/0 Steel Head 

 Ball, Rod and Slip-On Danglers 

Slotted Dangles and Disposable Heads