About Danglers Inc.

 Danglers Inc. was formed in 1977 as a corporation to manufacture electroplating cathodes for use in the barrel electroplating industry. In its inception, our danglers were predominantly sold to the jewelry manufacturing industry in the Providence, Rhode Island and Attleboro, Massachusetts area. Seeing a need in the national market for custom made products, Danglers Inc. started an aggressive marketing campaign for direct customers and highly qualified distributors. This successful search brought us national recognition and an introduction into the global marketplace serving metal finishers around the world.  

Noel E. Smith - former president 1923-2006

 After serving his country in World War II, Noel started working for the Smith Chemical Supply Company in Providence, Rhode Island, a company owned by his father, Joseph A. Smith, selling and delivering chemicals to the metal finishing industry. In 1954, he left Smith Chemical to start on a long career in the electroplating industry. Following his retirement in 1992, he came to work for Danglers Incorporated bringing his considerable expertise in electroplating technology and troubleshooting surface finishing metal preparation. His talents and knowledge propelled our company to a leader and friend to the plating community. Whether or not they are customers, his advice was freely given to help anyone in need in the metal finishing industry. 

Christopher J. Smith - Owner

 Chris grew up in the largest family of electroplating, chemical and precious metal suppliers in the country. Having graduated college in 1974 with a degree in electronic technology, he started working for numerous corporations involved with the manufacturing and repair of electroplating equipment, electronic systems controls and the sales of chemicals. This is where he was first introduced to the process of barrel electroplating and the importance of danglers in the electroplating field. Starting his first company, TECHNICAL EQUIPTMENT & SUPPLY in 1976, Chris developed a unique sense of electrical situations requiring the need to interpret chemical versus electrical problems. He is known in the industry as always being on call and ready to lend a hand to customers.